Personal Power Will End the Pandemic

Personal Power Will End the Pandemic

Personal Power Will End the Pandemic
A Call to Action
By Carole Serene
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This background is important for you to know as you read this booklet Personal Power Will End the Pandemic. We cannot claim that this booklet is scientific in the traditional use of the term. However, in what is emerging as the field of post-materialist science, Personal Power Will End the Pandemic is, in fact, a scientific document. We say this because science is the search for truth, and this booklet provides foundational information that can be verified as truth. 

The source for this information is from an entity that channeler Carole Serene Borgens knows as Pax. Pax is an energy that resides outside of time and space as we define time and space here on Earth. This energy is dedicated to sharing information with all humanity to improve life on Earth and increase the probability of the survival of the human species. You do not need to believe in channeling to benefit from the wisdom being shared. The logical and scientific evidence presented is sufficient to understand that our human species is running out of time. If you care about your children, grandchildren, and generations to come, please read this short booklet and share it with as many friends and family members as you can. Just by sharing this booklet you will be participating in the grand adventure placed before us all to act before it is too late. 

Simple acts and simple statements can make a huge difference. As Pax says, it is time for one-to-one communications to change the course of humanity. We cannot afford to wait for our institutions and leaders to take action. Too often, our leaders and institutions are conflicted, leading us astray. If the majority of individuals on our planet raise their awareness and focus on acts of kindness as their daily task, together we will begin to alter the devastation and suffering that has come not just from this pandemic but from our overall negligence in almost all aspects of civil life. 

Human beings are special. It is time to experience the joy that comes from making a significant, positive difference in the lives of others and in the destiny of our planet. We are all unique, and each of us has a unique role to play in ending the destruction of our planet. Please join this effort to learn, share, and grow to become your best possible self.

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