An Exclusive Interview with the “GOD BEING” on COVID-19

Oct 30, 2020

        By Penelope Jean Hayes

What you are about to read might change what we think we know about Covid-19 and can provide tangible leads to scientists on how to overcome this pandemic. I’m journalist Penelope Jean Hayes and I had the opportunity to conduct a series of interviews with a very unique source revealing astounding assertions about the Covid disease. In journalism, we often don’t reveal a “source,” although in this case the message is for you and about you. So, here goes

My source is a clear voice of wisdom and love from the Spirit World, channeled through intuitive Carole Serene Borgens. This Spirit Source self-introduced with the name “Pax” (meaning peace) and identified themselves as the “Divine Universe” and “God being”.
“We are one with the Universe, not the Universe alone. We are the Divine Universe, yes, and the God being and the greater wisdom, that which knows and supports all and is healing, non-judgmental and tolerant, all-seeing, all-knowing, and Peace.” —Pax
This information can change the direction of how doctors and scientists are approaching Covid/coronavirus and where to look for a currently unknown vaccine which, I am told, will be successful for all strains of Covid-19 and will be the final end to the virus in the body and around the world.

The following is a summary of highlights from this series of extraordinarily rare interviews that are published in two volumes of a slim book titled The Likely Future.


I am told by Pax that the virus sends out shoots and inserts into the cells of the body something called “anenomies.” These are latent buds that go dormant and re-bloom, triggered to re-open in time. Pax said it is “like a seeding; a deposit of what is needed to bloom again.” Pax also said that in the experience of a second blooming of the virus within the same person “additional organs can be compromised,” however a person’s second experience with the virus sickness would not be as intense as the first bloom.

Another fundamental behavior of the virus, I am told, is that it is strengthened and becomes more potent and contagious when fed by two specific types of hormones in the host body. The first is growth hormones (such as in children and in pregnant women due to the incubation of a new life) and the second is “fear hormones rampant in animals in places where they will end life” (such as hormones that are released in the bodies of animals in a slaughterhouse because the animals see, hear, and feel pain and suffering of other animals and are therefore in fear) and this type of environment “allows for cross-contamination in a rapid manner.” In short, growth and fear hormones are key factors in the virus spreading like a wildfire and this is important to know.

Furthermore, Pax confirmed that Covid-19 is “a mutating pathogen” and therefore is not one coronavirus and should not be thought of as one pathogen when it is treated. Speaking to the many strains of the virus which mutate in the body and are now actually a number of diseases in worldwide circulation, some are milder, and some are quite deadly. An example of an indication of a milder Covid disease is the “sensory loss (diminished taste and smell, and) this indicates a less volatile strain, one that will not attack as fiercely and will avoid the lungs.”


Pax told me that the virus was created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, and that “it was to be a weapon of war and was intended as a macro-method of creating a defenseless opponent.”

However, Pax also said that “the management of the laboratory process went wrong” and the virus was not intended to get out to the masses at that time. Rather, it was accidentally released due to a mistake made by a young female scientist. I was told that the virus “escaped the petri-dish” and infected lab bats (subject animals) with a lab-developed super-virus.

The particular Chinese scientist identified by Pax was “a young female who wished to do her best work always and this research project was going well until it wasn’t. It was accidental that the virus was found outside the boundaries of the research and she had a decision to make.” The decision that she made—as a result of being in grave fear of the repercussions of her mistake—was to simply release the infected lab bats to a local wet market, very nearby to the lab, where they sell live bats and other live animals for food. It’s also notable that, according to Pax, the young woman did not know for fact that the bats were infected; she only knew that they were botched, the experiment of the day became botched and she would be in trouble if the subject animals were discovered as evidence of her error.

This next point was underscored by Pax: doctors and researchers around the world would be well served to work in collaboration with those scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology because they know more about this manmade/created coronavirus than anyone.


The drug Remdesivir was acknowledged by Pax as a therapeutic that could be quite beneficial to treat some strains of the virus disease, a treatment of symptoms only, while not a cure.

Regarding natural antibodies developed by the body of an infected person, Pax said “it is to be considered that all is not done when the remission comes…it is not a cure, merely remission.”

Going back to what was said about “anenomies”—the latent/dormant buds—an infected person is not virus-free once recovered and is not safe from getting sick again. In fact, Pax clearly said, “it is not that the virus is caught again, but that it has not left the body.”

And another crucial fact underscored by Pax came with this direct quote: “while then asymptomatic for a time, (an infected person is) still contagious” even after recovery and even if testing negative between reoccurring virus sickness-outbreaks in their body.  

Regarding convalescent blood, it was said that this practice is to be considered as highly questionable because it is not really convalescent blood (meaning from a “recovered” person).


There is hope here. I was told that Science can insert a pathogen (a micro-organism) that “scrambles the signal to open” the latent buds and infect.

This cure will be “neurological interrupters targeted by a vaccine” and this neurological interrupter is “based on the polio reduction methods” discovered for the now cured disease of polio. I was told to “think of the origins of the drugs (for polio) which entered into trials at that time and were found to have a valid response by the body and in the body.”

Pax said that this will be “the medicine which will halt all further blooming and spread (of Covid and all its strains) within the body” and this drug will bring “the final end to the virus.”

I was also given this clue: in addition to looking to the successful polio drugs, the vaccine will be “derived from the virus itself,” although not the coronavirus found in nature such as in bats in the wild, but from the manmade super-virus that was created in the Wuhan lab. Again, this is why those scientists at this lab know more than other scientists and virologist and pharmaceutical companies around the world. We need to work with the Chinese, I was told, together with a world health organization to oversee and facilitate.

What’s more, once developed, this vaccine/drug will also lead to the cure for another neurological disease: Parkinson’s. Pax said, “research involved will find its way to other diseases (in particular, Parkinson’s Disease) where it can interrupt the flow and a bring cure.”

This series of exclusive interviews, published within the two small books titled The Likely Future, are filled with information and possible solutions to the greatest plague of our time. I’m journalist Penelope Jean Hayes and I encourage you to open your mind and consider that the experts on this Covid disease are themselves in the process of learning about this virus and it is new to everyone; there is room for, and need for, out-of-the-box sources and to study and try out different ideas. Please pass this information on as it has the potential to save lives.

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