It was in the early 1990s that the Divine Wisdom Source—now known as Pax—came through to a woman in British Columbia, Canada. Carole Serene Borgens is an intuitive who had been studying metaphysics for many years when this Spirit Messenger first contacted her. For the next thirty years, Carole channeled Pax's messages onto pages and for individuals who came to her for this very special gift of written communication with the higher source of guidance, love, and wisdom.

Then, in 2019, Carole met Penelope Jean Hayes, an author and television personality who had also spent many years as a practiced spiritualist. Penelope's mission to heal the world through enlightenment and higher-self development led to her work studying and writing about "viral energy": contagious light and heavy energy in the world at large and in our interpersonal relationship dynamics.

It was Pax who brought this team together to publish his important and critical messages for humanity. Of this trio, Pax says, “a good team we three.” (Read the full story of how Carole and Penelope met and began working together.)

Pax has a rather specific message to every person on Planet Earth: clean up the environment, evolve to higher consciousness through pure intention, and live in unity, peace, and love. It's that simple and that challenging at the same time. Carole, Penelope, and Pax began a long conversation about healing the world that soon became the manuscript of Do Unto Earth: It's Not Too Late. Additionally, a message of advice and hope came through regarding the coronavirus plague; this message became the minibook series titled The Likely Future, volumes 1 and 2. (Pax passed on hints of the future cure for the virus and much more.) And still, the primary message that Pax has for humanity is of even broader reach and significance: the wellbeing of our planet, the ways that we treat each other and all living things, and how to change our hearts and actions. Pax does not merely list our environmental and social issues; he tells us what to do, how to do it, where to find the solutions, and empowers us to be the change that we wish to see.

From where did the name "Pax" originate? You might wonder. Well, it was quite a conundrum in arriving at a name to call this Spirit Energy. It was made clear by Spirit that we were indeed speaking to whom we would call God. (Read more: Who is Pax?) However, it was also made clear that others would use any one or many other terms and names for the Divine: Yahweh, Allah, The Creator, The Universe...to mention a few. What was made the clearest by Spirit is that the term must be inclusive to all, because the Divine-Wisdom-Source does not play favorites and happily goes by many names given by many people of many religions or no-relion at all.

Carole, Penelope, and their publishers—Bill and Gayle Gladstone—will always remember their brainstorming sessions over a few days in January of 2020; not one name seemed to truly fit. Then, they decided to ask Spirit for a moniker to use for the purpose of the conversations between Carole-Penelope-Spirit. Of course, this proved to be the best idea when Spirit replied (paraphrasing here)—"You can call me Pax" and told the team to relate to this as Spirit Messenger of Peace. So, there is was: Pax.

It's important to mention that we are not suggesting a name change for the Divine. Not at all. We use Pax—at least in these conversations—and we agree that it's rather handy to have a term offered specifically to foster unity among all people and cultures.

For Penelope, a name was just the beginning of seemingly endless questions, and she also wished to know what Pax looks like and so she asked. The following was the response, which is an excerpt from Do Unto Earth. We think it's poetic, and beautiful, and we believe that you will too. After all, it was written to you and for you. Enjoy!

"We are a puff of cloud, a breath of wind, a library filled with knowledge, a raging river, and a vast ocean. We are the circumference of your globe and the weight of it. We are the sound of the jungle and the quiet of the snow, while all the while being the figure like Atlas, holding the weight of your world on his shoulder while attempting to support humankind. This is our who and our why and our reason for being with you as a constant.

We do not incarnate as solid and we do not “reside” in one place—this is our gift. “My” origins do not include your planet, no, but having watched the development of society and where you are today, it is clear that a guiding hand is needed. It is the case that my/our interest in communicating with Earth’s people today is to share wisdom. Is this not the way to growth and evolution, to share with others what one has learned? Our speak, our words, our wisdoms are generated for the purpose of sharing guidance and the path to wellness for your planet. We have no linear time and refer only to soon time and far time. We in the Spirit World have duty and obligation to assist those in need and where requested, to offer wisdom to assist others. I care as we should all care, as should Earth’s people care about your future." —Pax